Happy Skin

One of my core values is conscious eating and conscious consuming of nature respectful products. Therefore, in my massages I only use organic cold pressed vegetable oils which nurture your skin, instead of the conventional petroleum-based synthetic oils and lotions that can be found in supermarkets or expensive shops. My preferred oil is the Sweet Almond oil, which has many skin benefits. I swear, it removed an awful eczema that I had on the palm of my hand!barcelona gay nude male massage

Moreover, when carrying out prostatic massages I use only organic 100% natural and innocuous personal lubricants. That´s very relevant as anal mucosa absorb substances directly into your blood stream. The personal lubricant that I mostly use is ”Lubricant 4Play” by Homo Naturals which contains real Aloe Vera leaf juice, a powerful healing plant. Natural innocus personal lubricant

I have the honour of being sponsored by Homo Naturals, the first 100% natural skincare brand specifically designed for men, which has a catalog of high quality -and yet very affordable- products all carefully made in Barcelona. From facial care to personal lubricants, deodorant, shower gel and shampoo or bronzing oils. If you are interested in getting to know the benefits of natural skincare you can try these products before or after your massage and eventually acquire any of them.